JoyStick 起貼 Exhibition


《JoyStick 起貼》在七月的書展開始發售,經過香港澳門的新書發佈會,今個星期五,參與其中的創作人將移師到UFO Gallery,展示一些或許你未能在書中和貼紙上看到的藝術品。

JoyStick起貼 Exhibition at ufo gallery

Participate Artist include: C# / Elphonso Lam / Fury Animals / KS / Rita Chan / Graphic Airlines / Lazehero / Little Thunder / MichaelMichaelMichael / Ping / Sabcat / Start From Zero / Telephone Fung / Tore / 盲公夫人

Location: UFO Gallery, 39 Graham Street, Central, Hong Kong

Opening Party: 17 September 2010, 6:30pm – 9:30pm

Exhibition: 18 September – 04 October 2010


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