The Yesterdayskin® – Wardrobe 02


轉眼又過去半年,上年八月首次推出了第一個系列。雖然今次這裡的介紹有點遲,但剛好可在香港春天來臨的時候給大家提醒一下The Yesterdayskin®的新一季已經上架。

About the collection

The Wardrobe 02 is our second randomly launched collection. With the hint of Spring and early Summer, we are exploring a softer and more warmer tone in this collection, as well as a wider range of materials like real leather and wool. We also provide a small range of accessories like clutches and neck pieces. Just like our previous collection, we carefully selected and restyled the items, all 20 of them are unique and ready to get a second life.

To see the whole collection, please visit our official website

About the label

“Bringing the past back to present, The Yesterdayskin is a very personal label collecting reformed vintage pieces. We hand-pick forgotten outfits and accessories all over the world, restyle and reconstruct them into new fashionable looks. The pieces are unique yet affordable, we want to share with all fashion lovers the treasures we found from history.”

Featured by international  fashion medias like Style Bubble, We-Ar magazine and So-En magazine, The Yesterdayskin is a very personal label collecting reformed/ restyled vintage pieces. It was founded in Spring 2010, by the Hong Kong fashion designer Eileen Chan. What we are trying to do is, to pick “potential” vintage pieces from all over the world, then turn them into new fashionable looks. All pieces are hand picked and reworked by hand.

The Yesterdayskin


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