The moment u decide to… photo exhibition by Rover To

有一段時間沒有更新一些展覽的資訊,甚至是自己的事,但今天連繼發了兩個有關展覽的帖,上一個是剛從日本回來的JOHN HO,由名字到海報都充滿和風味,而這個更是我的好朋友加上是在the-ideo的拍檔,終於看到他的相片演變成展覽。

The moment u decide to !!
每個人其實任何時候都在做決定!每一刻都在接納,否決….當決定那一刻的剎那…在同一空間內都有著十萬個看法…有著正面的!陰暗面的…什至兩極的而當指頭按下的一剎 … Shutter的聲音!記錄當下影像之外!就是當時感覺!其實每一刻都是The moment u decide to…

There’s a fact that everyone is making one’s decision at every moment. We accept, we reject; we commence, we conclude. Millions of thoughts come out at an instant that decision is made – brightside, darkside or dilemma. At just one click on the button of the camera, what you captured was not only the image but also the feeling at that moment. Every moment is the one you decide to.

Opening date: 24 JUL 2011(Sunday)
Opening time: 6PM – 10PM
Venue: Rat’s Cave – G/F, 18A-B Tai Ping Shan Street,  Sheung Wan, Hong Kong

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