The day of 200 screenings by Big Mad

The day of 200 screenings by Big Mad

Opening Date: 17 Aug. 2011, 7:30PM – 11:30PM
Venue: Rat’s Cave 香港上環太平山街 18A-B 地下 G/F, 18A-B Tai Ping Shan Street, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong

Is Me, BM, Big mad.
I m the 1 , you are the one , we are all as one, one world.

Life is like being lost, no direction, sad, depress, forgetful, aimless.
Dis-organizing is what i usually felt in the day past…
Until i found a direction from the day 0 universe*.)

also i got question, how many days left until i die ?
& Hong Kong

1-100 Days

-I m restarting myself since the day of 1.
& i decide to quit drinking and smoking.
To have a clear mind

-Went back Sai Kung and find out my past from the sketchbooks & dailies.
To Know myself.

-A Big Mirror
To face myself

-A New Look, either black or white
To reduce confusion

-Collecting clocks
To see the time is running out

-Re-Learning how to breathe
To respect my body

-A new sound system
To hear better sound

-A new hard disk
A new start…!

Everyday is just got one day.There are no another same one day.
Everyday is special and only someday is fucking special…

101-200 Days

After the New morning 101( Buddha day)
I start taking photos with holding number card and
videos where i were.

And now i m willing to see anyone who use to hold the numbers for me !

17 august, 2011 is my 200 Days of my project.
I would like to share my experiences and new ideas of life though photos, video and conversation.

And starting up an serious exhibition that make my audiences motivate some new ideas.

Please feel free to come Rat’s Cave to join my exhibition to review your life and feel the past 200 Days.

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