KristopheH by Kristopher Ho

沒有刻意安排的,但當這星期要發佈The Latest Status of KristopherH的同時,亦收到他的邀請,是他第二次的個展,適逢這個湊巧便溫故一下他的舊作,再去看他的新作。

KRISTOPHERH 2nd Solo Exhibition in Hong Kong 2012 presented by ABOVE SECOND GALLERY

Opening Party: 24th May 2012, 6-10pm
Opening Hour: Mongday – Saturday 1-7pm
Duration: 24th May – 18th June 2012
Venue: 31 Eastern Street, Sai Ying Pun, Hong Kong

Above Second presents a solo exhibition:
“KRISTOPHERH” Featuring original whimsical drawings of Hong Kong born artist Kristopher Ho.

In this selection of drawings, Ho investigates how love and community can be conceived as home through whimsical illustrations of houses, cities, and animals. What is a home and how is it a reflection of its owner? Inviting the viewer into his own conceptions of the home, Ho’s drawings encourage reinterpretation of the very definition of the term.

Created with technical prowess and sentimentality, Ho’s playful illustrations are displayed as a personal diary—a glimpse into his head and an expression of his heart. For Ho, home can be anything from a child’s dream town to a gesture of love. Two robots holding hands above a crumbling world, and the melancholy glance of a lonely king, suggest that relationships are important to the notion of the home. Those relationships can bring a sense of comfort and stability where other structures fail. Ho illustrates his subject with delicate intricacy, inviting the viewer to linger in the playground of his imagination. Viewing his illustrations is like playing hide-and-seek with delightful surprises around every bend. Come get lost in Ho’s imagination and find your own home in his world.

About Kristopher Ho

Kristopher Ho is a freelance illustrator based in London. Born in Hong Kong in 1986, Ho moved to London at the age of 12. He graduated from Central Saint Martins College of Art & Design in 2009 with a BA in Graphic Design specializing in illustration. Since 2008 Ho’s work has been exhibited in a number of shows in London including a solo exhibition at MakinJanMa Studio/shop in June 2011. Inspired by movies, Japanese animation, and life, Ho creates in order to share his personal wonderland with the world.

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