A Complete Shambles – An Experimental Exhibition by KS

相比起二零一零年和去年重展的《Random Is Beautiful》,性質上可謂完全相反,因為在過去展出的大部分作品都是比較隨意和零碎,似是在亂中作一個較有序的安排。而今次的展覽《A Complete Shambles》,由構思、概念、用為作畫素材的模特兒到畫作本身及背後的意思都充滿著特定的框框,一些在創作上不應該出現的自定框架。而這次展覽的作品將會是一些實驗性以及帶有功能性的展品,除了藝術家應有的獨立自主觀點以外,在某程度上藝術本身也應當附有與觀眾一定的互動要素。雖然觀眾在會場瀏覽期間或許只會看到滿是密密麻麻的黑白色格子,但這正就是我在上一次重展時所提及的「悶納」,現在就是個作伸延、探討及反思的時候。

注意:由於場內作品需配合智能手機功能瀏覽及希望各位可以更佳的方法瀏覽會場內的作品,屆時請帶同你附有掃瞄QR CODE應用程式的智能手機或平板電腦參觀展覽。

Compare to the exhibitions held last year and back in 2010, the nature of the exhibition this time would be the polar opposite, as the works showed in the past were more freed and less focused, it’s more like trying to figure out a sequence in a mess; while this time, “A Complete Shambles” exhibition, from the ideas, concepts and the human models used within the work, the reasons and messages are all filled within a certain box. Work shown at this exhibition will be more experimental as well as functional, not only from an artist’s individual perspective, but also the interaction with audience had also been considered. Even though the audience at the show may only see a room filled with black and white check, but this is exactly when I mentioned in the previous exhibition, the idea of “Spacing out”, and now would be the time to extend, investigate and evaluate.
Regarding the experimental aspect, using words to summarize everything will not be intended, as is important to preserve any possibilities may be interpreted by the audiences. More importantly, the communication between the audiences triggered by the visual impact from the work is the ultimate goal for this exhibition.

Attention: Since there are certain exhibits will be needing the use of smart phone to be truly experienced. Please have your smart phone or tablet PC with QR CODE scanning application ready when attending the exhibition.

開幕時間/Opening ceremony: 21 JUL 2012, 2PM-9PM
展期/Exhibition period: 21 JUL – 19 AUG 2012
場地/Venue: 畫畫畫廊 / huàhuàhuàláng
地址/Address: 九龍大角咀洋松街73-79號君豪工商大廈3樓B1室 / ROOM B1, 3F, RODEO CENTRE, 73-79 LARCH STREET, TAI KOK TSUI, HONG KONG

Special Thanks to Bryant, Freda, Hina, Jacky, Keo, Milia, Mine, Nicoline, Tedman, Vivian
Photography by Rover To
Translation by Kristopher Ho
Sponsor by San Miguel Brewery Hong Kong Ltd & Glaceau vitaminwater.

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