Overseas Exhibition

畫畫畫廊邀請各位前來參與OVERSEAS藝術展覽,展覽由四位藝術家展示出如何利用他們的作品去探索 與對抗視覺藝術裡的空間和時間!Lionel的燈箱作品採用極簡主義的風格去讓你感受到中世紀的實驗性科學,這些反射中的光線將會帶你去到介乎過去與現在,因為在那幾乎是無縫、無菌的木製箱作品裡,他似乎將時間保存在其中。Dustin Adam的相片主要是拍攝加洲的地勢環境,加上利用菲林膠捲曝光技巧製造出另一種屬於北極光式 的美學,言而這會令你體會到失去了視覺感知的現實!再者,問題是:這時候會是一個夢嗎?有些日子,他在無盡的萬花筒世界裡去採索女性的形態?插圖作品中用迷幻的手法去佔有你的視覺是Reginald Pean常用的方法,這些作品都站在他的角度去說明現今罪惡反叛者。他們創作的作品包含了一個全新的角度和一個過去懷舊的時代去創建一個原始而沒有被誤解的世界。

The huàhuàhuàláng is pleased to present the upcoming show “Overseas” that showcases three American artists that defy and explore the visual perception of space and time. The minimalistic light chaos of Lionell Guzman’s light box studies make you feel like somehow you’ve teleported back in time to another dimension of mid-century modern science experiments of reflected light rays while drawing you back to the future with his seamless, almost sterile wooden boxes covered in graph paper that seem to hold time still. Dustin Adam’s photographic experiments with light painting on exposed film of the California terrain gives his photographs a northern lights-esque euphoric aesthetic that makes you lost in the visual perception of reality which poses the question : Are you awake or is this all a dream? His images seem as though they’ve dreamt through ions of time collecting visual space matter of the great unknown masking the wide awake landscape of the west coast. Interconnecting the days of kaleidoscope eyes and acid tests to boundless 3D explorations of the female form, Reginald Pean’s work uses visual appropriation of psychedelic ideas to illustrate the new vices of the modern day rebel. Guzman, Adams and Pean have created works that display a nostalgia for times gone by yet contain an entirely new perspective full of unapologetic verve with a raw grit that is unmistakenably built for this generation.

Overseas Exhibition

Photos by Dustin Adams/Rover To Illustrations by Reginald Pean Installations by Lionell Guzman
Curated by Arthur Leung

開幕時間/Opening ceremony: 29 DEC 2012, 2PM-9PM
展期/Exhibition period: 29 DEC 2012 – 27 JAN 2013
場地/Venue: 畫畫畫廊 / huàhuàhuàláng
地址/Address: 九龍大角咀洋松街73-79號君豪工商大廈3樓B1室 / ROOM B1, 3F, RODEO CENTRE, 73-79 LARCH STREET, TAI KOK TSUI, HONG KONG

Beer Sponsored by San Miguel Brewery Hong Kong Ltd.
Support by Loading & Element

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