7 comments on “dummy//associate.

  1. K March 10, 2007 6:25 am

    i love them

  2. czarina March 10, 2007 9:26 am


  3. frog March 10, 2007 10:55 am

    e? you bought sx70? i got the most early model in brown color =PPP i wanna buy those marco lens too… but $$$$

  4. ks March 10, 2007 12:07 pm

    K, thanks…more lovely things coming!

    阿射, 有的,但我想聽聽妳對這些”dummy”有甚麼”associate” :]

    frog, 我無買,畫je,我知妳阿爹知左部畀妳,買lens做咩?用SX70影蟻呀…hehe!

  5. jessie March 13, 2007 7:39 am

    nice topic!I like triangle/water.

  6. ks March 14, 2007 3:56 am

    Hey jessie, thanks…but didn’t see ur drawing for a while… :]

  7. jessie March 15, 2007 9:07 am

    haha,I just made a weird drawing recently.
    my new flickr….it just happened..

    anyway,there is no end to my drawing.

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