LIVE INSIDE exhibition By Ng Ngai Chung

Rat’s Cave presents LIVE INSIDE exhibition By Ng Ngai Chung

Opening Party: 22nd June 2012,7 – 10pm
Opening Hour: Mongday – Saturday 1-7pm
Duration: 22nd June – 17th July 2012
Venue: Rat’s Cave by Start From Zero
Address: G/F, 18A-B Tai Ping Shan Street, 852 Sheung Wan, Hong Kong / 香港上環太平山街 18A-B 地下

About LIVE INSIDE Exhibition



All lives are temporarily living on this planet Earth, in different forms, growing up with different objectives and goals.We are living in bodies so called “Ourselves”, aging slowly.During this entire process, there was so much influencing our lives,Was it human? Objects? Or environments?All these will be transformed into feelings and emotions living within your heart, either love or hatred, and it will remain there within you, forever.

About Ng Ngai Chung

1989年在廈門出生, 香港成長。
喜歡與人分享自己所畫的, 所想的。

born in Xiamen in 1989 and grew up in Hong Kong,
started to doodle when he was little.
He likes to share his drawings and thinking with other people.
NgaiChung still explores and ponders on a lot of things.

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