Abstract Dimension: Paintings by Prodip


Abstract Dimension: Paintings by Prodip

24 May – 24 June 2013

Opening Reception: 24 May 2013, 6-9pm

Future Industries is pleased to announce the second solo exhibition by Prodip in the Future Industries Gallery on Square Street from 24 May to 24 June 2013.

Prodip’s new work combines figurative and landscape elements, making use of a variety of mediums – from wood and paper to acrylic on canvas – to explore mythic transformations and the ‘interdimensional’ qualities of the everyday. Drawing on the artist’s longstanding interest in UFO phenomena, the paintings have a strong narrative dimension, depicting hybrid forms that point to the creative dissolution of boundaries between the real and the hyperreal, the worldly and the extraterrestrial.

About The Artist

Prodip is a Hong-Kong based painter, illustrator and graphic designer. Best known as the bassist of the controversial Cantonese hip-hop group LMF, Prodip studied graphic design and has combined a career in music with experimental art. From the 1980s, working across media, Prodip designed underground concert posters, flyers and CD covers, later producing striking visuals for leading international and local brands, including Vans, Diesel, Adidas, Toms, OBEY, Effector, Yardbird, Lane Crawford, Subcrew and Fingercroxx. His artwork is peopled with tribes of hybrid aliens and draws on traditions of street art, cartoons, and pop subcultures that challenge the boundaries of conventional art making.

As the continuation of a project begun in 2002 to explore extraterrestrial intelligence, witness cases, UFO sightings and cult groups, Prodip published Project After Dark (Hong Kong: Kubrick, 2009), a volume of his collected artwork.

Prodip has exhibited in the group show Metal Mad at Giant Robot, New York (2010), Daydreaming With… the Hong Kong multi-media exhibition (2012) and House of Vans (2013). In 2011 he was commissioned to produce an art piece for the Amnesty x HK Honey exhibition, marking Amnesty International’s fiftieth anniversary. Tribe of Many Colors (2011) was Prodip’s first solo exhibition of paintings held at the Hong Kong Museum of Medical Sciences in Hong Kong.

Future Industries | 21 Square Street, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong | T +852 2291 0466 | www.thefutureindustries.com

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