“01012013-31122013” Mobile Exhibition by Scott Chan


一張照片、一條facebook status、一則微博、一篇日記,時下紀錄生活的工具千門百樣,喜怒哀樂衣食住行都被我們整理挑選再發佈。我們選擇性公開部份的自己,然而卻沒有一種工具可以避開自我修飾的強迫意式,導致紀錄沒法對自己和別人誠實地呈現自己—— 紀錄失去了「記錄」的用途,淪為枉費力氣討好大家的小玩意。
只有在無意識的情況下才可真實地把生活和心情完整物理化,香港藝術家陳建業 (Scott Chan) 平常習慣用這唾手可得的紙來隨心作畫,偶而發現這項尋常的消費活動,不論是時間、地點或消費內容都被情緒完全主宰。一張不起眼的單據居然像鏡子一樣把當日的情緒毫無保留地反映出來,自此,Scott便把單據日復日的收集起來,一年過後便成了一個記錄喜怒哀樂的年鑒,01012013 – 31122013。

There are numerous methods to selectively record our lives these days – a photo, a Facebook status, a tweet and, of course, diary. Our brain inevitably processes and filters everything we share, in order to present something that will attract people’s attention and interest. Whilst we are pleasing the world by selectively sharing our lives, on the other hand, all these recording tools are losing their real purpose.
Hong Kong artist Scott Chan, Kin Yip has accidentally discovered a way to project his true feelings on an object in the most unconscious way. Looking back at his daily sketches on receipts from convenience stores or ATMs, the artist realises his works are simply revealing his daily emotions. This massive collection of drawings eventually turns into a sentient journal of an ordinary person’s feeling, which is eventually presented as Scott’s latest exhibition 01012013 – 31122013.
Without overdramatic stories in his yearbook, Scott’s exhibition is an emotional journal, which records every feeling that anyone would encounter in life. Rather untraditional, this is an online exhibition of 365 works that does not require efforts on fraternising and transport. As a result, the audience is able to focus on Scott’s artworks and find the emotional similarity that we all share.

24 / 7 / 365
Opening Reception: 28 FEB. 2014, 8-11PM

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